Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate A Scam? Read BEFORE You Buy


moneyIs Deadbeat Super Affiliate a scam?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve scoured the Internet for different ways to make real money online.

I finally settled down with a legitimate money making program about 6 months ago, and I haven’t looked back since.

What am I doing and the moment? (And why should you care??)

I am currently involved in affiliate marketing. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s a super simple business model for earning money online.

Affiliate marketing is (in a very basic description) a business model where you earn money by promoting other people’s products.

I got started 6 months ago with Wealthy Affiliate and I have learnt an absolute TON. But the truth is, it’s really hard.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is targeted at people like me! People that work crazy hard without huge results. It promises MORE results for LESS work.

But can it deliver?

Let’s find out!

deadbeat-super-affiliateService: Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Ease of Use: 8/10

Honesty: 6/10

Realistic chance of making money: 6/10

Overall rating: 6.5/10


What Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program that claims to teach you how to make decent money by doing next to no work.

Sounds good, right?

First things first, the guy selling the course is Dan Brock. There’s no denying the fact that Dan is a super successful affiliate marketer and above all, a real guy. Don’t worry, no Russian bots to deal with here!

Dan claims that he has created a system that allows him to earn a five figure income monthly (even if he stays in bed). You might be thinking ‘this sounds like a scam already’ but I was actually impressed that Dan was able to back up what he was saying.

So the system is definitely working for Dan, the question is, can it work for you?

I had a search around for other reviews of this program on YouTube and a found a good overview that talks about what this course consists of and what it can do for you.

It seems the verdict so far is pretty decent. Dan seems to be offering a good value program that could work for you.


So What Do You Get In This Course?

The main ‘selling point’ of this program was the idea that you can learn how to make as much money as successful marketers by doing a fraction of the work, using secret techniques Dan has developed.

For me, I wasn’t a fan, but that is only because I follow a different style of marketing to Dan.

trafficSee, when Dan talks about all those marketers who work themselves crazy for hours every day- he’s talking about people like me.

But the thing is, I LOVE the challenge of generating traffic and sales through PURELY organic and reputable methods.

Dan’s techniques might work well for him, but I personally like the style I’m operating on at the moment, which is to create content on a consistent basis that is designed to read well and engage visitors.

That’s my secret.

But if the ‘hacks’ and ‘tricks’ Dan is offering sound like your cup of tea, than that’s fine. The life of a blogger is definitely not for everyone!


Signing up / Joining

So there is no real join up page per se with this course, since there is no trial period. You just pay for access.

Dan claims you are getting an 84% off discount, but that’s BS. That ‘discount’ has been on for as long as the course has been around. It’s just a sales tactic!



Don’t be worried about the ‘expires soon’ part either. It’s always been priced at $17 and that will stay the same for the foreseeable future in my opinion.



Great brand

lazy-affiliateFirst of all, you have to give this guy props where props is due.

The brand he’s created as a ‘lazy’ affiliate marketer is VERY well done and I’m willing to bet (no matter what he says) that he put a lot of work into it.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that he contradicts everything he claims in his sales page and is actually an extremely hard-working guy. That’s because the fact of the matter is, no matter what he claims, you WILL need to work hard to succeed in this game.

That’s the bottom line.

His sales page is also very well done, and I can tell already it is a high converting page. Although it looks a little ‘unprofessional’ at first, it soon becomes pretty clear that it is MEANT to look like this. Dan really does his best to push the fact that he is NOT one of those fancy marketers with squeaky clean websites, just a regular guy.


And he does this VERY well.

Decent training

Dan walks you through a lot of the essential elements of affiliate marketing such as the initial set up of your site and getting it ready for SEO. Good training, but not one of a kind.

Moneyback guarantee

This product has a 30 day moneyback guarantee which is a nice touch. Dan could easily have made some reason up for it to be non-refundable but he hasn’t, so there is definitely a layer of extra security involved with this one.


Let’s be honest.

$17 is not a lot of money. Compared to other programs that charge THOUSANDS (yes, thousands) for access, you haven’t got a whole lot to lose with this one.

If it’s not for you, you haven’t lost much (plus there is that 30 day money back guarantee we talked about.)



Upsells, Upsells, UPSELLS

One of the most attractive parts of this course is the fact that it’s only $17. When you compare that to a course like the one I recently reviewed at $997 for NO GAURANTEE of success, it seems like a steal.

But are you really getting this man’s income ‘secrets’ for only $17??

Of course not!

Once you make that initial payment, you are going to be bombarded with upsell after upsell. The reason upsells work so great is actually something to do with the ‘sunk cost fallacy‘.

The sunk cost fallacy is basically how arcade games make money. You know those cash slider things you find at arcade places? I’ll drop you a picture so you know what I’m talking about.

They’re called coin pushers and they work on exactly the same principle. For example, you drop a 2p coin in but nothing happens. Then you drop another coin, and another, and another. Eventually you realize you’ve just lost $1.

But you’re SO close to winning huge money! Plus you’ve already spent on it, so you might as well finish it off. So you keep adding coins until you’ve blown $5.

By now, the game has lost its fun. You just want your money back!

But the only way to get the money back is by winning, and since you’ve invested a whole $5, you need to win! And it is SO CLOSE to tipping off the edge.

So you keep on chucking in the coins until your wallet is empty.

This is how upsells work within a program like this.



Initially you think ‘only $17? What is there to lose?’

But then you realize that the $17 only covers the very basics of the training, and you have to pay out again to get the ‘real’ secrets.

Guess what? That second payment won’t be enough. You’ll soon be presented with another opportunity to spend more in order to learn the ‘REAL real’ secrets.

It’s just like the cash pusher game. Each time you make a payment you THINK you’re going to win, but of course you don’t. This keeps going on until you’ve spent so much that you might as well ‘go all the way’. Plus, like the cash game, you’re SO CLOSE and surely you’ll get it this time.

This is a technique that personally leaves a bad taste in my mouth. While it’s completely legal I just don’t like how Dan manipulates people who are desperate for cash by promising them the world, but ONLY if they pay him hundreds of dollars.

black-hatUse of ‘black hat’ SEO techniques

Dan might promise you secret techniques that work like a charm, but in reality these could get you in a lot of trouble with Google in the long run.

For example, a commonly used ‘black hat’ technique used to be the use of something called ‘backlinks’. These are links from other sites to your site, and would boost your rank in Google.

However, people started taking things out of hand and unethically buying huge amounts of backlinks in order to get their blogs to rank.

BUT Google soon clocked on to this and rolled out an updated algorithm that smacked these sites in the face. A lot of businesses got wiped out overnight as a result of relying on these techniques.

Now, I’m not saying this is what Dan is doing, but the risk still remains. You can try using these secret techniques that are a little in the ‘gray’ area but for me, I prefer to be safe rather than sorry and stick to the tried and tested methods of getting noticed in Google (aka blogging consistently).

I just don’t want to risk putting in a load of work now only for it all to be reversed a few years down the line. But if you’re up for the risk, go for it.


This is only a minor thing, but the course is naturally always going to be slightly behind the times. Google is constantly working on new ranking algorithms and as a result of this marketers are constantly adapting and coming up with new training to combat this.


My Personal Experience

I discovered Dan through his YouTube videos, which are great 5 minute bites of info mostly centered on affiliate marketing. Here’s a quick display of the kind of videos he creates (and I’m not buying that he did THIS in his sleep).


Naturally I had heard about Deadbeat Super Affiliate through word of mouth and by reading other people’s reviews, so I thought it deserved some more thorough research.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t the program for me. Like I’ve said a few times, I am more comfortable with using ‘white hat’ SEO through good old-fashioned keyword research and lots and lots of writing…


Final Thoughts

At $17 you’re getting a good deal. You get some good training, valuable insights into a unique approach to affiliate marketing, and best of all it is completely refundable.

However I personally don’t feel completely comfortable with the sales techniques Dan uses and the ‘black hat’ SEO he dabbles in.

What do you think?

Do any of you have any experience with this course? If you do, please do leave a comment and talk to us about how it went.

If you still have any questions, feedback, or comments again do feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you found it useful using the icons on the left.

8 thoughts on “Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate A Scam? Read BEFORE You Buy

  1. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani Reply

    Personally, I once heard and come across Dan’s YouTube videos but am against his quick money methods. Very few methods can succeed online using such methods, so I never bothered myself tracking his success. Thank you so much for sharing, maybe one day I was going to fall prey to his tricks, now that I know about him, have canceled his program totally and I will have to try Wealthy Affiliate Programme.

    • Benji Post authorReply

      Thanks for the comment! He is a pretty big influencer in the marketing world so I’m not surprised you’ve come across him before. Just to be clear, this is NOT a negative review of this program. It just wasn’t for me!

  2. Susie Stone Reply

    Great review. Your explanation of sunk cost fallacy is fantastic. I often find myself suspicious of big money promises with candy money price tags.

    • Benji Post authorReply

      It is a fascinating concept! If you can grasp it, it really helps you stay safe online financially (and in the real world!) Luckily in this case, as I pointed out, the initial payment of $17 isn’t crazy high, so there isn’t too much to lose if this one doesn’t work for you.

  3. simon Reply

    Great and factual article! I myself have come across a very similar affiliate program which promised lots of things in advance. But when I got into it i noticed that it is just upsell after upsell without you having anything real done yet. The value they delivered was on point though but like for you, it was not a program for me. I’d rather start my online business from scratch, fighting against obstacles myself and in the end standing at the very top as a self-made man instead of buying some franchise.

    keep up the good work!

    • Benji Post authorReply

      I completely agree! Thanks for the great comment. Upsells aren’t necessarily anything illegal, I just personally find them annoying.

      And it is so much more rewarding when you finally start seeing success, when you know how much hard work you out in to get there.

  4. John White Reply

    You did a good job with the article without dogging out your opponent.You didn’t say it was a scam and it didn’t work.You just reported the facts as you have research.I like how you explained the upsell practice and how it could be misleading.A person get all that knowledge for 17.00 dollars.The images were displayed effectively.Your website is neat and can be easily followed.

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