Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It Or Is It Just Another Scam?


Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it or is it just another scam? The online program that is earning its most dedicated users 6 figures a month is a hot topic right now, so let’s explore whether it’s worth your time.

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The Overview: What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is essentially an online social platform for aspiring affiliate marketers.


Firstly, what is affiliate marketing?

I assume you have a basic idea of what affiliate marketing is already, but if you don’t, here’s a quick explanation.


There are three people involved; you, the consumer, and the merchant.

The merchants create products. For example, Amazon might produce books.

The consumer is the customer who wants to buy the book.

And you are the affiliate marketer, who directs the consumer to Amazon. If they place an order, you earn some of the money.

And that’s it! People take this strategy and earn millions from it everyday.

Sounds simple, but in reality it can be tough to get started. That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

It tries to incorporate everything an online marketer might need into one place. You can join either as a starter member; this option is completely free, there is no time limit and no access to card details is required.

As a paying Premium member, the service costs either $49 a month or $359 one off payment for the year. Now, that’s a lot of money. I won’t lie.

However, what you should notice as we go through this review is that in comparison to the alternatives, Wealthy Affiliate is crushing the competition.

Even the free starter membership is 100 times better than many of the other options!


As the image shows, there are loads of things you’ll need to get started in affiliate marketing.

For me, there are four key things you need to get going with affiliate marketing. The big question is; does Wealthy Affiliate provide all four of these things at the best possible price (or even for free)?

Let’s find out.

No.1 Thing You Need: Website Hosting

If you want to market products to the public, you need a place for them to go and you to advertise from. This place will 99 times out of a 100 be a website.

But unfortunately, despite the many ads you see by companies like Wix and GoDaddy, creating and hosting a website is not easy and definitely not cheap.

If you want huge storage space, 24/7 support, unlimited pages, site security and fast loading times to name a few, you’re already looking at around $25 a month, which works out to $300 a year.

That’s a lot just to have a website.

Wealthy Affiliate offers its own website hosting platform, SiteRubix, which is integrated with WordPress and provides all the previously mentioned necessities as well as a host of other free tools.

As a starter member (100% free subscription) you can build your own website and host it for FREE on Wealthy Affiliate.

You also have access to a few cool tools like SiteContent, which allows you to write, spellcheck and publish your blog posts from the comfort of Wealthy Affiliate.

For approximately $0 a year that’s a pretty neat deal.

If you ever choose to upgrade to a paid Premium account (you can stay a free starter member for as long as you like!) the SiteComments function means you can get completely free and real comments on your posts, which will boost your sites popularity in

Likewise, you can receive free feedback on your site with the SiteFeedback button, which helps you decide what to change and what is working within your site! All of this is part of the Wealthy Affiliate package.

As a Premium member, you’re paying $45 a month for this service or a one off payment of $359 for the year.

Summary for Website Hosting:

Competitors: $25 a month. Wealthy Affiliate: $45 a month. But let’s keep going.

No.2 Thing You Need: Training

Okay, maybe you can find some other site out there that is offering to host your website for $1 a month. Great, right?

No. Just hosting a website means nothing unless you have some form of training and understanding on how to use that website to create a steady stream of income.

Most website hosting platforms are just that, website hosting platforms. They don’t teach you how to take your website it and elevate it to an authority within your field!

What all this means is that once you’ve finished setting up your site and start to wonder what comes next, you’ll need to find someplace to learn how to actually market products.

A quick Google search led me to a top-level training program- Jellyfish Training, who offer a one-day intensive course in affiliate marketing.

The price? £499 ($662). I’m not joking. Sure, their credentials are great and they definitely are not a scam, but $662 is $662.

As a free starter member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can access a full beginners course in getting started in affiliate marketing as well as blog posts by full time professional marketers.

As a Premium member, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a full course in affiliate marketing; from the initial set up of your site to complex training such as using Google Search Console and Social Media marketing strategies.

There are also hundreds of training resources created and contributed to by the community. Live seminars are held regularly and can be watched back- hundreds of hours of footage just sitting there, waiting for you.

Take these, for example.

All of them can be viewed back as many times as you want and are priceless training sessions!


Summary for Training and Website Hosting:

Competitors: $662 for one days training plus monthly website hosting fee of $25 = $992 yearly. Wealthy Affiliate = $49 monthly or one off payment of $359. (OR, as a starter member, a HUGE $0!) You’ve already saved $600.

No.3 Thing You Need: Keyword Research Tool

Okay, so this one is a little more complicated, but I will try to explain it as best I can. Let’s use the example of a running race to illustrate. When a runner competes, he isn’t going to just turn up on the day and have a go.

He’s going to be sat with his coach for weeks in advance, learning all about his competitors; how fast they get out of the blocks, how strong they finish, what psychological tactics they use. That way, he won’t be running blind.

It’s exactly the same when creating an online business. Not only do you need to create quality content, you need to create better content than your competition- you need to do your research first.

The best way of doing this is through a Keyword Research Tool.

A keyword research tool essentially allows you to find out exactly what kind of content to create; you can discover how many other websites have published the same post, and how much competition you’ll have.

A keyword is simply the phrase someone uses when they run a search on Google or another search engine. A keyword could be ‘cool dog pictures’ or ‘who is the best footballer?’.

For example, when I was creating this post I ran a check on the keyword ‘is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?’

The results showed this.


As you can see, this keyword had 82 people search it per month, meaning around 14 people would come to your site if you were on the first page of Google.

However, there were 134 other sites with an article using this keyword. I didn’t want to deal with all that competition; chances are I wouldn’t have done well in the search engines.

So instead I searched for a more specific keyword. This was the result.


This time, although there was only 48 people searching the keyword and the traffic would be 9 people, there were only 14 other sites in the world with this as their article title.

So I decided to go with the second option. I’m guessing that since you’re reading this, my keyword research paid off.

And that is just a simple example of how keyword research can benefit you!

With a keyword research tool, as I’ve demonstrated, you’ll be able to see how many people search for a post like yours every month, and how much traffic you will be likely to get through the post. This tool is absolutely vital to succeeding online.

The best keyword research tool out there at the moment, and the one I used for this article, is Jaaxy. A Jaaxy membership will cost around $20 a month.

However, as a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can gain access to Jaaxy for free, as part of your Wealthy Affiliate membership. A starter member gets 30 free searches, and Premium members unlimited.wealthy-affiliate-and-jaaxy

Summary for Website Hosting, Training, and Keyword Research:

Competitors: $20 monthly equates to $240 yearly. $240 + $992 (yearly total from training and website hosting) = $1232

Wealthy Affiliate: $49 monthly or $359 one off payment for the year.

You save: $873!

Bonus: Community

This is a HUGE added bonus of Wealthy Affiliate. A platform of around a million affiliate marketers all helping each other out, replying to questions and training other members.

This is on top of the website building, hosting, professional training and keyword research already being offered. You’re already saving almost $1000 if you go Premium, and if you want, you can join for free and stay for as long on a basic membership as you want at no cost! There really is nothing to lose!wealthy-affiliate

So is Wealthy Affiliate worth it or is it just another scam?

Wealthy Affiliate is 100% not a scam but a very real opportunity to make your money online!


If you upgrade within the first 7 days you can also get a huge 60% discount on your first month!

==> Try Wealthy Affiliate for free today! <==

6 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It Or Is It Just Another Scam?

  1. Philip Colbert Reply


    This is a terrific review of Wealthy Affiliate – no doubt about it! I see you have included the key components that beginners need to get started online.

    Those seeking online opportunities will hardly find many as good as the one on offer here due to many reasons, but for me some time ago, was that it was FREE to SIGN UP! Nothing to lose and only to gain.

    So, if anyone has ever wondered how other people online earn money – you will find all the so called ‘secrets’ – which are not actually secrets but only promoted that way to screw you out of money/time/effort – will find all the training you could ever need.

    The support inside this platform is out of this world as well since you have 24/7 Live Chat for instant help. Even the Founders are on call to help when you become stuck on something – how good is that?!

    Thank you for this well deserved review on this platform and wish you well.

    – Philip.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thanks for the great comment! I completely agree- there is absolutely no risk to giving Wealthy Affiliate a go, since you are never have to input any card details or commit to any payments. Why not just try it! Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Cathy Reply

    As a long time member, I must say that the cost is one of the most reasonable you can get in terms of hosting and training combined. Every year, new features are added without additional fees to the members so that’s something unique that most online companies don’t provide.

    However, when it comes to making a sustainable online income, I still have a long way to go. Partly because I have zero experience when I first started so there were a lot of mistakes. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that WA’s teaching is legitimate and success is built cumulatively instead of overnight.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Exactly my thoughts Cathy! Price is very reasonable and I think some of the features alone are worth what you are paying, let alone the full package!

  3. Eric Chen Reply

    Nice overview on Wealthy Affiliate! In my opinion it is the best education program for anyone who wants to dive into the work from home industry. The training is long and detailed, yet easy to follow.

    I’ve been with them for 9 months now and there’s nothing bad I can say about WA. In my experience, it will still require consistency and commitment.

    Great review nonetheless,

    • admin Post authorReply

      Great thoughts Eric! Couldn’t agree more. 9 months is long enough to know whether or not its a good investment and I completely agree that it is a great one.

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