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Learn affiliate marketing for free! Sounds great doesn’t it, but…

…If you want to learn how to create a six figure income overnight for FREE…

…then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Sorry to disappoint, but the truth is that affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work. Seriously, anyone who tries to sell you the idea that you can replace your 9-5 job within days is either scamming you or an idiot.make-money-image

See, ‘affiliate marketing’ is a very misunderstood topic by many people, and there are so many ‘gurus’ left right and center, all telling you different things that it can be very overwhelming to get going. But fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

Today I am going to be letting you in on the real secrets behind online success (and they’re pretty obvious when you think about them!) as well as helping you learn where you can start your own online business for free.

First, a brief explanation of what affiliate marketing is in the first place is probably a good idea. Affiliate marketing essentially consists of three things; a product, a consumer, and you the marketer.

As the ‘middle man’ you might review or promote the product to potential consumers.

When the consumer places an order to the product as a result of your marketing, you receive a commission payment from the product owners. Huge online shops like Amazon offer affiliate programs that enable you to promote any product on Amazon for free, if you end up making sales you get paid by Amazon themselves.

Learn affiliate marketing for free step 1: Make a website

Almost every successful affiliate marketer you meet will be using a website. Your website is the home and hub of your online business activity, and you can’t expect to get far without one.On this website, you have a huge amount of options open to you.

You could create a casual blog style site, or an online shop full of relevant products, a newsroom style approach full of headlines, or even a photography site with a portfolio of your work.

The direction you take is up to you, but no matter what kind of website you want to create, you need a place to host it.

Website hosting sounds more complicated than it really is, but all you need to know is that a 3rd party company backs up your site and ‘hosts’ it so it can appear on the web. You might have seen some ads for Wix recently (‘I just created this DOPE website with Wix…’ keeps popping up on YouTube), and they’re a pretty safe bet for beginners, offering a lot of functions for free.

Another alternative is Wealthy Affiliate, who are actually an affiliate marketing training company that allows you to create a free website. What is the difference between Wealthy Affiliate and Wix? Wealthy Affiliate not only lets you create a professional website for free, but also offers free training with no strings attached.

You can keep the website as long as you want; there is no ‘free trial’ or credit card required with your initial set up. Check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here!

Once you have a website set up and ready to go, let’s move on to Step 2.

Learn affiliate marketing for free step 2: Find A Niche

Okay, you’re ready to flesh out your site with a bit of content that will hopefully lead to some sales. But what do you write about?

This is where your market research skills come in.

You need to find a product, hobby or service you are interested in. For me, that was magic tricks, which is why my first site is all about magic (thedailymagician.com). For you, it could be anything from horse riding to underwater chess.

It’s okay to take a break at this point and let yourself think about it for a few days; don’t rush yourself until you’re ready and confident in your choice (which we will call your niche). Come back to this guide when you do, because you can only carry on once you have one.


Got it? Good.

Now, just because you have an idea of what you’re going to write about doesn’t mean you’re ready to start writing.

Chances are, your niche is still too broad. Take my earlier mention of horse riding, for example. There is going to be thousands of other websites dedicated to horse riding, so as a beginner there is small chance of you getting noticed.

However, what about horse riding gloves? There are going to be WAY less websites about horse riding gloves, because you’ve narrowed your niche down.

But what about horse riding gloves for kids? That’s even more specific, with even less competition.

Once you get going, you can really play around with what exactly your niche is until you have one that generates a lot of searches but is specific enough to rule out a lot of the competition. If your niche is ready, let’s get going with Step 3.

Learn affiliate marketing for free step 3: Sign up to relevant affiliate programs

Now that you have a website and a niche to target, you need an affiliate program that will pay you to promote products relevant to it. Some of the biggest affiliate programs include Clickbank, Shareasale and Amazon, but feel free to search out for some more if you need to.


Signing up to these programs is usually pretty straightforward- a name, email and usually the URL of your website will be enough.

You might need to include a couple of details mentioning what your website is for, what kind of content you create, and so on but it is most often a pretty simple and easy process.

A word about Amazon:

Be careful about signing up to Amazon’s affiliate program straightaway. If you don’t make at least 3 sales within the first three months, your account might be terminated. I would advise you to wait until you see sales going through on other affiliate programs before you take your chances with Amazon.

Clickbank is my go to choice at the moment; it is easy to sign up to, has a huge marketplace full of courses and products, and has free training too which is always a bonus!

Once you’ve made your pick of the affiliate programs, you’re ready for the next step.

Learn affiliate marketing for free step 4: Start writing content

And here we are, all the technical stuff sorted. All that’s left is pages upon pages of writing high quality content on a regular basis.

Okay, I know it sounds hard but trust me, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. The truth is that like all things, writing quality content becomes easier over time. You might start off writing 500 word posts and feel like you’ve run a marathon, and in a few weeks time churn out 1000 word plus posts like they’re nothing.

The key is to write about things you’re passionate about, and it’ll feel like much less of a chore. As you write about these things you’ll naturally realize different products and services to promote within them.

What really helps me is writing with a plan or template, so I know more or less the key points I need to mention, and can simply fill in the blanks in the moment as I write. You could create different templates depending on what style of post you’re creating; a review template or maybe a ‘best of’ template for example.writing

Make sure you research before you write; the last thing you want is to run out of things to say midway through your post. You might have to read what other people are saying about a product before you create your own review.

As I say, the best way to get good at writing is just to write. Don’t give yourself any excuses, just put your head down and write and you’ll find your style and confidence emerge in time. After you feel like you’ve mastered content creation, head over to Step 5.

Learn affiliate marketing for free step 5: Write more content

You didn’t think you were finished with writing, did you? Writing new content regularly is so important that it deserves to be featured twice on this list. Don’t just sit back once you create a new post, get out there and make some more.

Learn affiliate marketing for free step 6: Let the traffic come to you

As you go through the steps and keep creating good content, the traffic (visitors to your website) should start happening by itself as you gain authority with Google and rise through the ranks of websites.

After a few months with your site, try setting up a Google Analytics account; you can track how many people are coming to your site and how they behave once they are on it.google-analytics

You could also use social platforms to gain extra traffic. Setting up pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are great ways of multiplying your reach and making more sales. Try not to spam these pages with posts, but do keep them updated regularly for better performances.

So, that’s about it! You’re ready to go out there and begin your affiliate marketing career! If you have any comments, questions or feedback please leave it in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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  1. Carl Reply

    Yes this is not a get rich place. I think a person can and will make money here but it takes time and have to want to do some work that is the only way you will make any money. Don’t do the don’t make any money.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Absolutely right. The key is to keep working at it and not give up! Wishing you the best of success yourself my friend.

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