ODI Productions Review: Affiliate Marketing Champ SCAM?



Welcome to my ODI Productions review!

If you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer than the chances are you’ve heard of the super young guy making huge money and racing around in a Lamborghini called ‘ODI Productions’.

Well now he’s offering the secrets behind how he makes money to us in his course: Affiliate Marketing Champ!

But can you really make your fortune with this program or is it just another internet scam?

Today I’ll be giving you the COMPLETE breakdown of what this course consists of and whether it’s worth your time.

PLUS read until the end to hear about my top recommendation on making REAL money online.


Let’s go!

Service: Affiliate Marketing Champ by ODI Productions

Ease of Use: 8/10

Honesty: 8/10

Realistic chance of making money: 6/10

Overall rating: 7/10


What Is Affiliate Marketing Champ?

affiliate-marketing-champAffiliate Marketing Champ is an online course created by marketer ODI Productions.

I discovered this course through ODI’s YouTube channel; which helped reassure me that this was a real guy and not just some Russian bot trying to take my money!

It is completely free to access (although there are of course upsells toward the end) and you can find the link through his video descriptions or in his Instagram bio. OR just search for ‘Affiliate Marketing Champ’ and the result will come up in Google for you.

Straight away ODI makes it pretty clear that this course is good for anyone; it doesn’t matter if you have any previous experience in marketing or not.

But if you are currently involved in marketing and struggling, this is also the right course for you!

I don’t blame ODI for trying to target every possible lead by doing this but it does seem strange that he is offering the same advice to total beginners and professional marketers.

But on the whole this is a decent sales page and I’m excited to see what comes next.

DISCLAIMER: This course has a free version and a paid version. I will be talking about the free version but also giving my thoughts on the paid toward the end!


Signing up / Joining

This is also nice and easy (none of that ‘invite only’ hassle we had over at Global Money Line!). A quick form that requires your email and name is pretty much all you need to work through before you’re in.

sign-up form

I actually forgot my password after signing up but I was able to get it back pretty easily after notifying them, so that’s a 5/5 on signing up from me!

Another huge bonus was that you can sign up without inputting any card details. You know how you usually get those annoying ‘join our free trial (but give us your card details so we can charge you later)’ kinda things?

This isn’t one of them, which is awesome.


My Personal Experience

odi-youtubeAs I briefly mentioned before, I’d been a big fan of ODI before I even took this course so I knew that it definitely wouldn’t be a scam.

How did I know this?

I used something I like to call the ‘scam test‘.

Basically, I look at what someone is offering for FREE. If they are offering you value for free, I am usually pretty convinced that the value I’ll get if I pay will be even greater.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate has an awesome free starter member course where you get an intensive 10 lesson course in getting started in affiliate marketing. Because I saw how much they were offering me for free, I had no hesitations about becoming a paid Premium member.wealthy-affiliate

On the other hand, if someone is offering you little or NOTHING for free than I make it a rule not to pay for any of their services.

That’s because, 99% of the time, internet scammers will have NOTHING of value to give you. Obviously, they can’t offer you anything useful for free (because they don’t HAVE anything useful) so instead try to convince you to pay them huge amounts of money.

Because once you’ve paid them, they can reveal the fact that they didn’t have anything useful all along; because it is TOO LATE to do anything about it.

So applying this to ODI and his marketing course, I was pleased to see that it was 100% not a scam.


You get access to the course for FREE. There is definitely a lot of great information in this course, so I knew that if ODI was willing to offer us all this for free, then I could trust his product.

Secondly, this guy posts great content on his YouTube channel all the time, which you can access for free and watch as much as you want.

Here’s an example.

Phew. That took me longer to explain than I thought it would! Hopefully though, you can see exactly why you shouldn’t have reservations about this course.

It might not be for you in the long run, but there’s definitely no harm in trying it out.

training-videosSo, I decided that this course wasn’t a scam and gave it a go.

The course consists of 6 lessons, all in the form of videos. I found that the first couple videos didn’t have a whole lot in terms of teaching. The first was a ‘welcome’ video and the second an in depth look at ODI’s story and how he got to where he is today.

But when you hit the third lesson that is when the teaching really begins. ODI gives a nice summary of what exactly affiliate marketing is and why it is the best business model to get involved with. It’s a good summary for beginners but nothing groundbreaking.

Next ODI talks about some examples of affiliate marketing being used in the real world. This was an interesting section that is definitely an ‘eye-opener’ for beginners; he demonstrates how marketing is used ALL the time in places like YouTube and Instagram.

His second to last training is a ‘LIVE’ webinar in which ODI talks about his own personal formula for affiliate marketing in 2018. I’m pretty sure that the whole thing is prerecorded but it’s still a decent piece of training!

Finally, (and this is where the upsell comes!) ODI offers to personally mentor you. While I would love to be mentored by ODI I didn’t feel ready to pay out the 1000 dollars it would have cost me!


Is It Really Worth It?

I can’t say for sure, but for me it wasn’t.

This is ONLY because I already have all the training I need over at Wealthy Affiliate for just a fraction of the cost.

For example, ODI’s paid course offers:

‘Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

‘1-on-1 Email Support

‘SEO Ranking Strategy’


‘Affiliate Marketing Website Tutorial

wealthy-affiliateGuess what? All of this and more is offered at Wealthy Affiliate! You get access to a full course in affiliate marketing that has over five different courses in creating a website, gaining traffic, turning that traffic into sales, and scaling your business up!

You also get 24/7 live support with the Live Chat feature.

Wealthy Affiliate also has hundreds of hours worth of training on SEO and website building.

Now, this is just my opinion! The only reason I’m not going ahead with ODI Production’s full paid course is because I already have all the same resources for less.


If you want to, I’m sure you can definitely succeed through it!

It’s not that ODI’s course isn’t good, it just isn’t for me. But if it feels right for you than by all means go for it.

I have read elsewhere (at other reviews) that this course is a little ‘outdated’ and that the SEO techniques taught are not advanced enough to keep up with the increasing competition within affiliate marketing.



Not a scam!

This might not be the best program, but at least you will get value. There’s definitely no scamming involved in this one.

Good for beginners

This is an ideal course for those who have absolutely no clue what they’re doing with affiliate marketing. They can sign up free and learn exactly how it works in today’s online world.


ODI is a likable guy

This is a big point! It really helps that ODI seems to be a genuine guy and he has a good way of teaching too.



Video only

This isn’t a huge issue but I think it is definitely something he could improve on. The problem is that 100% of the course is in the form of a video. This is great, but I think it would help to have a brief text summary of the lesson too.

That way, people who aren’t in a position to listen to the video (they’re out, or they have hearing problems) can still benefit from the course. Plus, it’s nice to have something to read while you listen.

Not as professional as could be

To say ODI is making so much money, I would have expected a slightly more professional feel to the design of the site. The layout is VERY basic, but maybe that was supposed to help it feel more simple and streamlined.

If that’s what he was going for, great, but if not I do think a little more color and instructions would help.


This is my MAIN issue with this course and the other reason I decided not to fully buy into it.

Firstly, let’s acknowledge the fact that this course is good.

The problem is that you aren’t paying for just ‘good’!



For $1000, you would expect something amazing and groundbreaking, not just good. If the course was priced much lower (I would recommend AT LEAST half the price) than it would be a decent investment but the fact of the matter, as it is, is that you just aren’t getting the quality training you deserve for the incredibly high price.

ODI claims that it is the ONLY course you will ever need, but this simply isn’t true. As a marketer, the game is constantly changing and there is never an excuse to stop learning, so I would say that he is being dishonest here.

I feel he is also being misleading when he claims he will be teaching you ‘secret’ SEO techniques that are worth up to a grand in themselves.

This is just a plain lie. Most SEO techniques are well-known.

That’s because it isn’t just knowing the SEO techniques themselves that is the hard part. The hard part is actually using them correctly and consistently.

For example, a Google search of just the phrase ‘SEO techniques’ will give you two articles that will most likely contain some of the same ‘secrets’ ODI will be charging you so much money for.



Final Thoughts

So, in summary I would recommend taking the free part of this course (because you should always try to learn as much as you can!) but instead of paying out for the extra course, check out Wealthy Affiliate instead!

Did I answer all your questions?

If you still have any questions, feedback or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

8 thoughts on “ODI Productions Review: Affiliate Marketing Champ SCAM?

  1. Steve Reply

    Wow $997 for the paid version is a lot of money. There are so many “systems” out there in that price range, these guys must have done some serious research and found a price point that sells. Where on earth did you find this program? I have been searching online for ways to boost my website traffic, but I have not heard of ODI before. Thanks for sharing this review, you saved me some time if I do run across this in the future.

    • Benji Post authorReply

      Yeah that is the tipping point for me. $997 is crazy money for what is being offered in my opinion. I find it through YouTube; ODI Productions has a pretty good channel that I enjoy tuning into now and again.

  2. Kyle Ann Percival Reply

    Thanks for doing the investigation and research necessary to give us this great review. It’s nice for someone like me (who is very new to affiliate marketing) to know up front some of the pros and cons of a program before I jump in feet first.
    The first thing that always makes me leery are pictures of fantastic homes or cars!
    I’m also starting with Wealthy Affiliate, and I wonder if there is any benefit to joining more than one organization? Or is it safe, at least as a beginner, to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak?
    Thanks for your insight.
    Kyle Ann

    • Benji Post authorReply

      These cars are definitely legitimate but I get what you mean, it seems as if they’re trying to imply that you’ll be able to get one of these cars if you sign up to the program. I mean in most cases there are probably benefits, but the thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is an ‘all in one’ kind of program where ALL the necessary information you need to get started can be found in one place. There really isn’t much need to try anything else!

  3. Brandon Reply

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful, comprehensive review my friend. I’ve always been hesitant about trying online money making opportunities for the simple reason that most ARE scams. It’s good to see that ODI productions doesn’t fit under this category. I like how it’s good for beginners too. Amazing stuff, thanks!

    • Benji Post authorReply

      Thank you! Most really are scams. This one isn’t, but it isn’t particularly great value for money anyway!

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