Wealthy Affiliate vs. Clickbank: Read BEFORE You Buy…

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Wealthy Affiliate vs. Clickbank, which can make you more money??money

So you’ve figured out that affiliate marketing is the way forward, but you don’t know where the best place to learn the ropes is!

Should you go with Wealthy Affiliate and their free starter membership, or should you jump right in to the deep end with Clickbank University?

This is a common question that a lot of online marketers debate over.

The answer is actually pretty simple.

Read on for my complete breakdown of what each system can offer YOU and what you should consider when making you decision.

PLUS, stick around to the end for my personal recommendation…

First up, what’s on the table?

Let’s figure out what exactly is going on here.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is the ‘largest’ online community of internet marketers in the world, but it doesn’t end there.

Wealthy Affiliate

It is also a INTENSE comprehensive induction into HOW to make money online for REAL. It has often been quoted as the ‘starting point’ of the success of huge internet marketers that are now turning over 5, and even 6 figures a month!

What do you get?

Wealthy AffiliateFirst things first, you can sign up for free. No need to worry about entering card details that will come back and bite you later; no card details required to sign up, just an email address!

After signing up, you get access to a 10 lesson course in setting up you own online business. The main method taught is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is essentially getting paid for driving sales to someone else’s product. It’s an awesome business model for those who don’t have enough money to invest in creating their own product or stocking someone else’s.

Absolutely anyone can do affiliate marketing! All you need is internet connection.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to walk beginners and amateur marketers through the process of starting to earn step by step.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get 2 websites that you can create for free. I would recommend just sticking to ONE for the time being though.

You also get expert instruction on how to build a website and get it up and running with no technical headaches. If you do have any errors with you site in the future, there is also a live support team that is on standby to help you out 24/7.marketing

Plus, you remember those marketers I mentioned? The ones earning 5 to 6 figures monthly? They’re also able to help you out whenever you have any questions, doubts, or issues understanding some of the training.

That’s what makes the community at Wealthy Affiliate so great for many people; the fact that you complete amateurs can wind up rubbing shoulders with 7 figure earners on a daily basis!

Once you have a site established, the earning potential is absolutely huge!

Clickbank University

If Wealthy Affiliate was all about affiliate marketing and promoting other people’s products, Clickbank University is the opposite.

While there is a bit of teaching on this, the main focus is learning how to create YOUR OWN product and earn through sales of it.


clickbank university logoYou’ll learn how to make tech-friendly products that can easily be accessed or downloaded online, such as eBooks (one of the most common types of products) or video based products.

What is awesome is that since the training is provided by Clickbank, you’ll also get valuable insights into how you can use the Clickbank marketplace to get OTHER PEOPLE to do the hard work for you by promoting it…

Unfortunately, you can’t sign up for free this time, but don’t worry; this ISN’T a scam. I know the chances are that you are wary about spending money on online courses in making money since so many are, but Clickbank is a reputable company and you also get a 30 day moneyback guarantee in case it isn’t for you.

Here’s a great review of this program:

Don’t think you’ve got the skills to make your own product?

diyThink again!

The key thing about creating a ‘sellable’ product is (in my eyes) a three step process.

First, find something you’re good at.

This doesn’t have to be related to any profession or occupation. Sure, if you’re amazing at it and you’re happy to write about the topic, go for it, but it’s also completely find to choose a passion or hobby you’re good at.

For me, that might be magic tricks! I’m enjoy doing card tricks in my spare time, and I feel like I know enough about card tricks to write about them.

For you, it could be gardening, or cooking, or even painting! It doesn’t matter.

Once you’ve found something you’re good at, you need to identify something people NEED within this niche.

When I say this, I mean a PROBLEM that requires a SOLUTION.

As a magician, this problem might be ‘I like doing magic tricks but I’m not confident enough to become professional.’

I’m sure you know enough about you topic to be able to pick something people struggle with and need solutions to.

This is where you come in.

Once you’ve identified something people need, you need to create a product that SATISFIES that need.

For me, that might mean writing an eBook titles ‘Turn you magic into CASH: learn how your skills can generate an income…’

playing cards

You see how this book answers the problem we discussed earlier?

Think about how well my product might have done if I’d made it a generic book titled ‘100 card tricks’. Nobody would have bought it! But when I tailor it to hit a target like I have done, it’s much more ‘sellable’.

Once you have a product that fulfills a need, you’re ready to go!

I didn’t mean to go off on such a tangent; but I thought it was important to show you just how simple it can be to generate an idea for a product.

Of course, this isn’t meant to be top-level training (this is mainly what I’ve picked up in my personal experience) but just a quick 3 step process that helps you open you mind up to the possibilities. You can read a similar kind of training here.

So, you’ve decided you HAVE got what it takes to make a product you can sell through Clickbank.

The question now is, is it worth it?

Make no mistake, neither Clickbank University nor Wealthy Affiliate are ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. Whichever you choose, it’s gonna take A LOT of time and effort before you start earning some real income from them.

For me, I would recommend as a beginner, to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate first. There’s a few reasons for this:

There’s no cost (so no loss). You can sign up for free unlike Clickbank. If you get a few days in and realize ‘this isn’t for me’ there’s no hassle with getting refunded. You can just stop!

Cheaper if you upgrade- there is also the option to become a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate to get unlimited access to all the training, discussions, and up to 50 websites!wealthy-affiliate

While it might seem a high cost at first, at around $49 monthly (for website hosting, training, keyword research, technical support and much more), this is actually one of my favorite parts of Wealthy Affiliate.


ZERO upsells!

This is an absolutely HUGE deal. Once you’ve paid you membership fee, that’s it. You don’t have to pay again to get access to ‘secret training’ or anything extra.

Unfortunately, this IS NOT the case at Clickbank. The monthly fee is roughly the same at $47 monthly, but this isn’t an all-inclusive membership like Wealthy Affiliate. Instead, you could end up paying almost an extra $600 for ‘full’ access to everything available.money

For me, this was what sealed the deal. I know I’m getting such a better deal at Wealthy Affiliate in terms of pricing that I’m not even tempted to go anywhere else, especially when it could cost me over half a grand.

And in my personal tastes, I’m just not a big fan of upsells. If something’s going to end up costing me a lot of money, just tell me in the first place! I’d rather pay out upfront than spend in chunks here and there.

The training is IDEAL for beginners. It is made specifically so it could at once cater to those with NO idea what they are doing, but also provide huge value to those who do know the ropes.

You get live support 24/7 with the Live Chat function, plus you can also ask questions at any time and receive feedback from highly experienced marketers.wealthy affiliate owners

As I said before, I think affiliate marketing is the BEST business model for beginners. Better than creating you own product- you don’t have to invest money and time into building up the initial product; a website is simple to create and again, free.

If you already have experience in internet marketing, you might find that you benefit from just diving straight into Clickbank, but for an amateur I think Wealthy Affiliate provides a gentler and easier path into online success, especially if you are low on spare cash.

However, Clickbank University is an awesome way to scale up you business and create a new stream of revenue, if you have the funds.


Step 1: Sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and use it to immerse yourself in the world of marketing and figure out what’s what.

Step 2: Work on you websites until you’re seeing success through affiliate marketing.

Step 3: Once you’re earning, you can ease up the pressure a little which should free you up some time to get started with the Clickbank University course.

Step 4: Double the income stream!

Sounds simple, but it will definitely take a lot of time and hard work before this becomes a possibility. But if you have the motivation for it; go for it!

If you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate using the icon on the right-hand side than you’ll also get access to me! I’ll be able to answer any questions or issues you might be having, or at least be able to refer you to someone else who can.

Are you a member of Wealthy Affiliate? Please go ahead and leave a comment letting us know about you experiences with it!

Are you tried out Clickbank University? Tell us what you thought in the comment section below.

Do you still have any other questions, feedback or general comments? Feel free to go ahead and leave them in the comment section below and I will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours!

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So, Wealthy Affiliate VS Clickbank! What do you think?






10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate vs. Clickbank: Read BEFORE You Buy…

  1. Jennifer Reply

    Hi thank you for this post.

    I am with Wealthy Affiliate and it is the best decision I have made this year. The community is second to none and the step by step training as helped me to not only get indexed in google but get ranked first page.

    I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

    ClickBank university I will need to look into a little more. Although I feel I will get all I need from Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Benji Post authorReply

      The community is one of my favorite aspects of Wealthy Affiliate too. Clickbank University does include some unique training that you can benefit from though!

  2. Lane Onson Reply

    Thank you for this honest review. I didn’t know all of that about Clickbank. While I appreciate that fact that both companies make money, a new entrepreneur just can’t afford all of the extras. Thanks again.

  3. Michael Reply

    Thanks a million for outlining all there is to know about Clickbank, a buddy of mine had mentioned it a few weeks ago and I was very tempted to join them and I really enjoyed the video provided here – great to know this level of detail, wealthy affiliate sounds almost too good to be true – Is there a catch and how long does it take to make a 4 figure income?

    • Benji Post authorReply

      The only catch is the fact that it’s up to you to work hard and take matters into your own hands. Everything you need is there, it’s just about taking action and applying it. It really varies for each person but it can 100% be achieved in under a year, although it usually may take longer.

  4. Tina Cyphers Reply

    I love Wealthy Affiliate. Definitely the best choice I ever made and a much more lucrative option than Clickbank. Thank you for the detailed review!

  5. Steve Reply

    As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I can speak to the training and support that you receive. I think these are two very important aspects of any program that promises to teach you how to start an affiliate marketing business. I knew pretty much nothing about affiliate marketing before joining Wealthy Affiliate and although I still have a long way to go, I have learned a lot and my business is growing. For me, it’s Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for sharing this post and your thoughts.

    • Benji Post authorReply

      Thanks for your comment! Training and support are absolutely vital and it is great that you get such quality of them at Wealthy Affiliate!

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